Andreas Sandström

ISBN13: 978-91-978027-3-4 / 130x210 mm / År: 2011 / 180 sidor
ISBN10: 91-978027-3-5



SAVING CLONES consists of material from the website “Genetic Savings and Clones”, a business profiting from individuals who wish to clone their pets. The material used in the book has also been “cloned”, with the purpose to make new levels visible. Questions about life, death and memories of something lost, and the strife of scientific research to play God slowly appear. The pet owners’ longing for their loved companions and their hopes for a reunion, raises ethical issues as well as presenting a distorted view of death itself. If it’s possible to create a copy of people’s dead pets, only appearance will be identical to the original. With any rational thought, it’s obvious that life experience and environment are as much part of anyone’s personality as genetic material. Somehow, the pet owners leave this fact in oblivion to continue believing in scientifically aided resurrection, motivated by love.


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